26/01/2001 - Nothing's perfect..... I can't update my site now..... Nothing's new.......  ^_^ the lots of new things will availabe soon... ~_~

27/11/2001 - I uploaded more images. If you have problem downloading WMA, please tell me. Thanks.

21/11/2001 - I added images sections. It isn't completed yet. I hope I can add more images tomorrow.

20/11/2001 - New service! e-mail with address: yourname@myconan.zzn.com . I hope you will like it (it will open in new window). uploaded all WMA for opening song and re-uploaded manga scans and also I uploaded zipped files of manga scans. And... please fill my Guestbook.

17/11/2001 - Now you can download MIDIs.

11/11/2001 - This is the largest updates! All lyrics, all MIDI, story, gadgets, characters and episode guides are updated!! But, I reset the guestbook and message board to another because the old ones caused many errors. And, I changed the name from "Message Board" to "Forum". The sections that currently unavailable: Movies, Awards, Translations, Manga Scans, MP3 & WMA files, Fanfics and Fanarts. And, please send me Fanfics or Fanarts you have to my e-mail.

09/24/2001 - Sorry that all MP3 is down... But I will upload them again soon. Btw... please vote for which default address you like for this site! Pleeeaseee. And don't forget to fill my Guestbook.

09/20/2001 - I've updated the lyrics. And I also updated all the MP3!!

09/16/2001 - Sorry the site is down... But I've re-uploaded them here. And I will also upload all MP3 I have.

08/31/2001 - I've changed interface of this site. I hope you enjoy it! Today I added two files manga scans. Maybe you've read it, but it's okay! ~_~

08/17/2001 - Today I changed my address again to http://myconan.vze.com . You still can use http://www.myconan.net but I refer to new one because it doesn't show annoying ads. And, I uploaded 3 MP3 files and 2 lyrics. And I also added Links. That's all I just uploaded. Don't forget to fill my Guestbook and if you have any comments, write it at Message Board. Thanks! ^__^

08/07/2001 - Today I uploaded this site! Some sections may be currently unavailable. But It will completed soon.