Stun Gun Wrist Watch

It's the most common used tool. It can lunch a stun needle that can make someone that hit by it will be sleep. The standing glass is for targeting. Conan always use this to make Kogoro sleep and solve case with Voice Changing Bow Tie in the background.

Voice Changing Bow Tie

It's also the most common used tool. It can change the voice of someone who speak on the speaker to anyone's voice. It also can connected to Earring Telephone. It always used by Conan when he solves a case using the person who slept by Stun Gun Wrist Watch or the other (ex: kicked by Ran ^_^ )'s voice. And there is a "Sticker Speaker" that can be used if there is no place to hide near his/her. It can be used with just place the sticker anywhere on that person. And Conan hides to somewhere (even when he is far). It also used by Conan when he calls Ran using Shinichi's voice.

Power Assisted Kick Shoes

It can make Conan's kicking power greatly rose. He uses it to hit the murderer that try to kill him or to prevent the murderer killing someone because since Shinichi returned to child, his power became small too so he really needs it.

Elasticity Suspenders

It can be pulled until very long and then it can shorting itself just by press the 'Contraction Switch'. It's useful to lift any heavy things. It's rarely used by Conan because there isn't any thing to pull. ^_^

Tracer Glasses

It can trace anyone who was attached tracer sticker on him/her. It's very useful to trace someone. First time (before the tracer created), at the end piece of the glass, there was a little microphone to hear any "suspects" conversation. Later, the function was combined. You can either hear the conversation and trace it/him/her. It also be able to trace anyone who use "Detective Boys Badge".

Solar Powered Skateboard

It is not a common skateboard, but it can run on very high speed. It's very rare used by Conan. And it's power comes from solar-power. So, when the sun set, it can't be used anymore.

Detective Boys Badge

It used by all Detective Boys persons. It can be connected to Conan's Tracer Eyeglasses. It also used for communicating each other.

Earring Telephone

It can used as usual telephone. And it also can connected to Voice Changing Bow Tie. It seems that Conan doesn't like the design.

Flashlight Watch

It can light up at dark place. It owned by all Detective Boys. It is very useful.

Lunchbox Fax

It looks like a plain lunchbox outside. But inside it, secretly can send and receive faxes.

Voice Changer and Recorder Pen

It is extremely rarely used (I think it only used once). Its function is the same as voice changing bow tie, but it also can record  voices.