Shinichi Kudo

A great high school detective. He is a Holmes freak. He left by his parents in Japan since his parents moved to US. He has great skill in soccer. He likes lemon pie. He doesn't know and doesn't like music.

Conan Edogawa

The small form of Shinichi. He returns to child form since he fed with a poison from black organization that called APTX4869. However, only his body was smaller, but his brain is still as a high school student. One times, his body is larger again after he drunk Vodka from Heiji (in manga vol. 10). The first who know about it is his neighbor, Prof. Agasa.

Ran Mouri

He is Shinichi's childhood friend. However, she secretly loves Shinichi but she doesn't want to admit it. She is great at karate, mahjong and cards and also cooks. But she also easily scared. Later, she suspects that Conan is Shinichi. Her parents was divorced but she always tries to get them reunited again.

Kogoro Mouri

He is Ran's father. A stupid detective. Actually, he works in the police as police force. But because he shot his wife in a case, he got fired and separated from his wife. Then he open a detective agency. He became famous since Conan came and help him to solve every cases he met. Later, he also called "Sleepy Kogoro". He is a Yoko Okino fans.

Eri Kisaki

She is Ran's mother. She has separated from Kogoro because she was shot by him. She opens lawyer agency. She also called as Judgment Queen because she always wins the case in a judge. She seems to be still love Kogoro. She also has great deduction skill.

Heiji Hattori

Usually called as Detective from West. He is the one who knows Conan's identity. He seems to be very interested in deduction duel.

Ayumi Yoshida

A member of Detective Boys. She easily gets crying. She secretly likes Conan. But it still "a mystery" what will she thinks if she knows that Conan is Shinichi. ^_^

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya

Another member of Detective Boys. He is interested at technology. Sometimes he shows his ability in English. He likes Ayumi but later he seems to like Ai.

Genta Kojima

Another member of Detective Boys. He is the fattest in the class. He is strong. He also likes Ayumi.

Ai Haibara

She is an ex member of Black Organization. Her real name is Shiho Miyano. And her codename is Sherry. She is the creator of APTX4869. She gets angry to the organization when she knows that her sister, Akemi Miyano was killed by the organization. She betrayed the organization and tried to escape, but she captured by the organization. Then they are lock up her at handcuff. Then she tries to kill herself by drinking her own drug. Instead of died, she gets small again like what happened with Shinichi. Knowing about this, she comes to Shinichi's house and then she meets Agasa. And then she stays in Agasa's house and transferred to Conan's Class. Then she joined with Detective Boys. And she secretly likes Conan. She doesn't have any interest in detective wherever she has terrific deduction skill.

Professor Agasa

He is the first man that knows Conan's identity. He always helps Conan with making useful gadgets. And he is Shinichi's neighbor.

Yusaku Kudo

He is Shinichi's father. He has greater deduction skill than Shinichi. He is a mystery novel writer. He knows that Conan is Shinichi.

Yukiko Kudo

She is Shinichi's mother. She is a great actress. After she married with Yusaku, she leaves from actress. She always thinks that she has the same deduction skills as Yusaku, wherever she wasn't. She also knows that Conan is Shinichi.

Sonoko Suzuki

She is Ran's friend. And she is very crazy and always looking for boyfriend and always envious about Ran's relation with Shinichi. She is a daughter of rich man. She doesn't afraid to try anything she wants. She often used by Conan to solve mysteries. Because of that, she always thinks that she is a great detective.

Kaitou Kid / Kid The Phantom Thief

His real name Kuroba Kaitou, he is a great thief. He can change his voice esily without using any tools. He is the only criminal that Conan can't caught till now. He also know that Conan is Shinichi.

Gin and Vodka

They're the members of Black Organization. However, Gin and Vodka are just their codename.