Conan Unlimited

Post date: 2018-12-13

Hi there! Long time not seeing you (who?). This address used to be place for a website called "Conan Unlimited". Unfortunately life happened and due to school and work this site ended up dead. I did a while back put a redirect from this address to my new blog which is somehow still kind of alive today. But I still have all the files from the old website which give me slight headache whenever I see the code nowadays (I do some web coding now).

I still need to clean up a the latest version of Conan Unlimited (5) but at least version 4 seems to be sufficiently presentable so here you go: Conan Unlimited 4. I'll modernize the code later (not the content).

If you somehow remember me from years ago (my history says last update of 2002), feel free to contact me at I still watch Conan movies though I don't think I'll watch the TV series anytime soon. And I have at least 30 volumes worth of manga backlog to be read.

I've watched the latest movie, The Fist of Blue Sapphire, by the way. It was pretty interesting. That most of the people in the movie actually speak English was interesting.